Monday, September 3, 2012

My Budget

I've released a new application on Google Play - an easy to use Budget Manager. I find some other budget managers a little bit to complicated, with to many options, while I think that most people want just a simple tool to track their spending. With that in mind, I've created My Budget (and, as usual, a free version - My Budget Free).

There are 3 views:
- a global one, which will show you the total amount of your expenses, the total amount of income and your balance (the difference between income and expenses) and a pie chart with expenses/income grouped by categories;
- an income view and an expense view, which will show you more detailed info - for each category you can see (and edit) details about a specific payment - date, amount and a short description (same goes for income)
For all these 3 views you can chose to see the global data (i.e. total amount of income/spending since you've start using My Budget) or monthly data (spending/income only for a specific month).


QR Codes:
My Budget Free

Android app on Google Play

My Budget (paid version)
Android app on Google Play

If you were looking for such app for your Android phone, please install it, rate it, and let me know your opinion about it.